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- Why I should use ?

-What are benefits for me on as a Company ?

-Is there any fees will be paid ?




- Why I should use ?

This Egyptian website designed , created & special for Egyptian market after many studies and researches to find companies needs when they want to hire someone and the required data in CVs. This CV that you see when you search for employees .


-What are benefits for me on as a Company ?

1-     No Registration fees .

2-     Unlimited job posting FREE .

3-     Put full job description , requirement , qualification , salary and work location .

4-     When you post a new job , all job seekers in same field will be notified automatically .

5-     Search for job seekers yourself after posted job .

6-     Change your contact details .


-Is there any fees will be paid ?

No , All these benefits are 100% FREE , all you've to do is send copy of any official papers Or Fax from you inform us that your user name ( registered email ) is for your company and is used for posting jobs and searching for employees .

- not free for recruitments companies .


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